A brighter future for our city

A city that governs fairly

A city that’s affordable

A city with healthy, safe and engaged residents

A city with people working in a strong local economy

A city with efficient transportation networks

Climate leadership and a clean, green city




The Vancouver Greens believe Vancouver can be a fairer, more affordable, greener, and healthier city for all. We believe that City Hall can be bolder in engaging residents, balancing growth with liveability, and in meeting the needs and aspirations of the people who live and work here.

The Vancouver Greens are clear about the path forward. We have met with thousands of community leaders, small businesses, academics, former and current city staff, and residents of all backgrounds and ages across our city. We have heard your concerns, hopes, dreams, and ideas — and this has shaped our passion and platform for a brighter future.

At the heart of our platform is our desire to work with residents and neighbourhoods across our city to collectively create a new comprehensive city plan and guide the continued growth and liveability of our city.

Your Greens will champion:

A city that governs fairly

The Vancouver Greens believe that local government can put power in your hands. Green councillors will listen to community concerns, and work collaboratively to create solutions and make City Hall open, transparent and accountable.

City Hall delivers essential services that affect us all: our community amenities, planning, land use and zoning, licensing and permits, roads, water, sewers, storm water, utilities and so on. In areas where City Hall does not have jurisdiction — like rent control, property tax assessments, and public transit — we must work with senior governments.

Vancouver Greens are committed to a more collaborative, respectful style of politics with the public and other governments, and to restoring trust in our city. Greens put public interest first.

Key Actions:

  • Prioritize a comprehensive City-Wide Plan, co-created with residents, with an affordable, liveable city as its goal.

  • Speed up permitting and reduce unnecessary red tape.

  • Require transparency around budgeting, negotiations with developers, and public benefits.

  •


A city that's affordable

The Vancouver Greens believe people who live and work in Vancouver should have access to secure, good-quality homes that are affordable to buy and rent. Green councillors will listen to residents’ ideas and concerns, and focus on practical solutions to create diverse housing for our diverse community.

Vancouver is one of the world’s most unaffordable cities. Increases in housing prices vastly outpace increases in local incomes. Homelessness persists. Decent, affordable rental housing is becoming scarce. There are hardly any opportunities for affordable home ownership. The housing crisis has gotten worse.

People want and need decent affordable homes, but housing is treated as a commodity to flip and make money. The focus of city action needs to be on protecting the affordable homes we have and increasing the right kind of supply of decent homes that are secure, appropriate, and affordable for the people who live and work in Vancouver. We must house people closer to where they work, play, and meet daily needs.

Vancouver Greens are committed to ensuring people who live and work in Vancouver have access to secure and suitable, good-quality homes that are affordable to buy and rent.

Key actions:

  • Recognize the right to housing in the Vancouver Charter.

  • Define affordability relative to local incomes: people should pay no more than 30% of their income on housing.

  • Set a goal of 50% below-market-rate housing overall for all new multi-residential development

  • Change our building code to enable more affordable construction.

  • Launch a city-funded, city-built housing program on city-owned land.

  • Use conditional zoning in all new plans to suppress land speculation and deliver public benefits.

  • Allow two or more secondary suites as incentives for retention and conversion of character homes.

  •


A city with healthy, safe and engaged residents

The Vancouver Greens believe that a safe and inclusive city, a healthy city and a green city are all connected and together we can build it. We believe people are the heart and soul of our city. Vancouver Greens stand for social justice, nonviolence, and respect for diversity. We are striving to create a model city of compassion and inclusion.

How we build our city affects the way we feel, think, and behave as individuals and as a society. Vancouver Greens support every effort to grow our cultural vibrancy, celebrate our city’s diversity, and ensure all residents’ health and safety, through robust city services and the meaningful action to be an inclusive people-centred city.

Key actions:

  • Initiate an Urban Stewardship plan to improve the public realm, community health, and to foster connectedness and community pride.

  • Create Neighbourhood Planning Offices which will work with community advisory committees to collaboratively plan for liveability.

  • Promote culture and cultural diversity in our city, including reconciliation and inclusion.

  • Design for complete communities accessible to vulnerable populations for all stages of life, including housing that enables aging in place and accessible public washrooms.

  • Increase food security and city-wide food assets, ensuring that there is enough secure, sustainable, local food infrastructure in every neighbourhood.

  • Support front-line responders to the opioid crisis: increase critical funding and support for overdose response teams, non-profit agencies, front-line workers and city staff who respond to overdoses and the opioid crisis, including Fire and Rescue Services, Police, Library, Community Centre staff, and peer supporters.

  •


A city with people working in a strong, local economy

Vancouver Greens believe a thriving local economy is one based on what’s good for people and the planet, not just profit. Our economy should be sustainable, low-carbon, connect people with decent jobs and each other.

Vancouver’s economy is blessed with potential. Vancouver has strengths in a diverse range of industries, from traditional industries to social enterprise, apparel, green economies, digital entertainment and interactive and arts and culture.Vancouver’s “green brand” has been valued at $31.5 billion.

But Vancouver’s economy is vulnerable to climate-related changes, natural disasters and global forces and local economic forces. Vancouver’s small business community also faces rising costs of commercial space and are being priced out of key urban centres.

Vancouver Greens are committed to measures to retain and sustain locally owned small businesses, to expand community and low-carbon economic development, and to support arts and culture as critical to Vancouver’s economy, quality of life, and the liveability.

Key actions:

  • Develop a Small and Local Business Strategy to sustain and expand neighbourhood shopping districts and resolve taxation, licensing and permitting issues.

  • Tax empty stores and protect vibrant streetscapes, legacy businesses, and unique neighbourhood shopping districts. Involve residents and businesses in a participatory budget process to decide on how revenues will be spent.

  • Prioritize the Creative City Strategy as a driver of the creative economy. Support year-round community events and festivals in all parts of our city, as well as arts and culture initiatives of public libraries, community centres, and other public facilities, that provide community hubs, space for meetings and events, arts and culture programmes, and lifelong learning.

  • Develop a Green circular economy, that repurposes waste and develop new production space for local manufacturing.

  •


A city with safe, efficient transportation

Vancouver Greens believe in a more sustainable and efficient transportation network. We will listen to community concerns and explore solutions that maximize people’s transportation choices, decrease congestion, increase safety, encourage active, healthy lifestyles, increase our resilience and air quality all the while supporting a stronger economy.

Vancouver is a growing city, with limited road space, growing demand for transit, increasing health costs of sedentary lifestyles, and increasing unaffordability. Transportation is the second highest household expense after housing, with private vehicles as the biggest contributor. Congestion costs people and businesses time and money and negatively impacts air quality and our climate. Efficient transportation is key to a healthy, greener city.

Key actions:

  • Make Vancouver the most walkable city in North America.

  • Accelerate repair of streets, bikeways and sidewalks for safety, especially potholes, heaves and cracks.

  • Develop a plan to reduce traffic congestion, without sacrificing walking, cycling and public transit choices.

  • Make our city’s goal zero transportation fatalities, not just zero pedestrian fatalities.

  • Adopt “smart city” transportation technology to better synchronize walking, cycling and vehicle traffic.

  •


Climate leadership and a clean, green city

Vancouver Greens believe we must protect Vancouver’s precious natural environment. It’s key to our quality of life. We need to reduce our waste, keep our air and water clean, enhance our parks and green spaces, and take bold action on climate change.

The biggest long-term crisis facing Vancouver and every person in our world is human-caused global climate change. Vancouver can expect wetter winters with more intense rainstorms; hotter, drier, smokier summers; and sea level rise. The record number of B.C. forest fires this summer is a call to action to do everything we can to reduce our city’s greenhouse gas emissions and do our part to prevent the worst of now-inevitable climate change impacts.

It’s better if we stop trying for the title of “world’s greenest city” and focus on being a low-carbon resilient city that meets our current environmental and climate challenges in the most effective ways possible. This means bolder actions, better metrics, and open and transparent reporting, especially given our reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by only 7% when our city goal is 33% below 2007 levels by 2020.

Greens are leaders in ecological policies, environmental protection and effective actions to achieve environmental and social sustainability wherever they are elected.

Key actions:

  • Ramp up energy retrofits of buildings, with carbon-offset funds from a new Vancouver Carbon Trust.

  • Implement bolder zero waste initiatives including expanding the ban on single use disposable items to include banning plastic bags.

  • Increase the amount and quality of parks and natural areas with the goal of 1.1 hectares of parkland per 1000 residents, and restore developer cost levy funding to the Park Board.

  • Provide 4-bin public recycling receptacles citywide, including in parks.

  • Aim for 100 percent swimmable beaches by ramping up enforcement to stop the release of untreated sewage.

  • Quickly move from solar-ready to solar-required in our Building Code to increase Vancouver’s production of renewable energy

  •