Cleta Brown

Cleta Brown, candidate for Vancouver City Council

Cleta Brown 2014Bio: Cleta Brown was raised in Vancouver in a politically active family. She attended public schools and then Dalhousie University, University of Victoria and the University of London, London School of Economics. Brown began her legal career at the BC Office of the Ombudsman where she observed a unique view of the powerful effects of governmental decision making on ordinary citizens, businesses and organizations. Brown worked as a Crown Counsel in the provincial courts and saw firsthand the difficult impact of policing and the justice system on disadvantaged youth, women and aboriginal persons. Brown was appointed an Alternate Chairperson of the BC Review Board. She presided over hearings where accused persons' liberty rights were determined in a forensic psychiatric context. The devastating effects of inadequate community psychiatric health services for the mentally ill abandoned in downtown centers were described daily in this forum.

Brown has always been involved in the volunteer sector, on the ground and on Boards of Directors. Some of the organizations she has volunteered with are the Canadian Women's Foundation, MOSAIC, Vancouver YWCA, Westcoast LEAF, LEAF National, University Women's Club of Vancouver. In particular she is a longtime activist for women's equality. Currently she is 1st Vice President of the University Women's Club of Vancouver, Chair of its Status of Women & Human Rights Committee and Vice President & Secretary of the BC Branch of the Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Brown is married with school age children and resides in Kerrisdale. She enjoys sports, piano, reading and is learning to sing (a lifelong dream!).

Why is Cleta running with the Green Party of Vancouver? - “I am running for City Council to champion the right of ordinary Vancouverites to determine the way our city changes and grows, to champion a rebalancing of corporate and community influence at City Hall and to confront the social inequalities in our city.  I strongly believe that the unchallenged growth of poverty and injustice is an absolute barrier to a thriving happy city and makes it impossible to have both a green and economically strong city.  I am running with the Green Party of Vancouver because it is committed to transparent participatory democracy, economic fairness and effective social justice. We need good listeners at City Hall. The Green Party of Vancouver listens  and is unencumbered by blind partisanship or any special interest obligation. I am confident in saying that Vancouverites from all walks of life and all areas of the city would be well represented by our four Green Party candidates who respect their rights, their interests and their contributions to city life.”

What are the issues that Cleta will champion during the campaign and if elected?

1. Make Vancouver the best place to live in by shifting development priorities to families, children and young adults.

2. Protect and promote the value of neighbourhood character.

3. Make investments that promote social interaction, not social isolation.

4. Adopt slower development processes with a focus on public collaboration at all stages, not merely "consultation".

5. Promote the values of a just city by tackling child poverty, youth housing and jobs, creating safe public spaces and building homes vs. shelters.

6. Improving transit and transportation and reducing traffic congestion.


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