Campaign contributions

On October 30, 2014, the Green Party of Vancouver carried out its pledge to be a leader in campaign finance transparency by publishing a list of donations received to date since the beginning of January 2014.

As the civic party with the most stringent limits on donations (we do not accept donations from developers, fossil fuel companies, or from out of the country, and all donations are limited to $5000) and the first and so far only civic party with self-imposed limits on campaign spending, we are proud to also lead in the pro-active disclosure of the contributions fueling our campaign. We believe that this is important information for voters to have about the parties and candidates vying for their support.

Please note: The list below contains contributions processed as on October 30, 2014. Some in-kind contributions have not yet been calculated. We will continue to update this list regularly as further contributions are processed and as the value of in-kind contributions is calculated. Only donations of $100 or more are listed, with the sum total amount of donations under $100 listed as a separate line item.

This list currently contains donations made to the Green Party of Vancouver and contributions directed to the campaigns of Adriane Carr, Mischa Oak and Janet Fraser. We will be adding contributions to other candidates as soon as possible.