Taking a Stand Against Big Money in Civic Politics

In 2011, Adriane Carr was elected as Vancouver' first Green city councillor on a campaign budget of less than $25,000. This was all the more remarkable as the other elected parties spent between $2 and $3 million that year - the vast majority provided by real estate developers whose projects often require approval from the very councillors whose campaigns they bankroll. 

When, a couple years later, some of this Big Money came knocking on the Green Party of Vancouver's door, we had a decision to make - and decided to take a stand. In 2014, we became the first Vancouver political party to ban big money, saying "no thanks" to developer donations and capping all individual donations at $5000. 

Adriane Carr went on to win re-election in 2014 by a record-setting landslide. Voters responded to the Green Party's leadership and integrity in taking a stand on Big Money's influence in Vancouver politics, just as they responded to the BC Green Party's voluntary ban on corporate and union donations in 2016.

Unfortunately, Big Money still has a major presence in the current Vancouver civic by-election. We're going up against deep-pocketed competition, but can still elect Pete Fry to join Adriane Carr as Vancouver's second Green on City Council - with your help.

Our campaign is funded by people like you. Every $10 or $20 donation helps get our message to hundreds more voters. Will you contribute?


Volunteers are the secret strength of our campaign. Whether can help get our flyers into Vancouver mailboxes, join our candidates at busy street corners or make phone calls to voters from the comfort of your own home - we need you!