Adriane Carr honoured to be named one of the city’s 50 most influential people

Published Nov 06, 2019 2:32 PM

November 6, 2019

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Last night City Councillor Adriane Carr was honoured to be ranked along with fellow Councillors Colleen Hardwick and Jean Swanson as the 7th most influential “person” by Vancouver Magazine. This is the first year Carr has made VanMag’s Power 50 List which annually ranks the city's 50 most influential people in politics, technology, education, business and more.

“I am honoured and humbled to be considered one of our city’s most influential people,” said Carr. “I think Vancouver Magazine’s choice of the three of us, which they described as ‘representing the hard right, hard left and hard Green’, actually acknowledged the power of voters, who in their wisdom elected a non-majority Council with four different parties and an independent mayor, who have to work hard to influence each other to pass influential policy,” added Carr.

“To be honest, I’ve never really thought of myself as influential; I’ve been preoccupied by trying to make our city a more livable and affordable place for our residents, and bringing about the bold changes necessary to protect us from the climate crisis. Hopefully, making this list means I’ll have more sway to help better achieve these goals.

“Of course it’s nice to be recognized for the work one does, but my motivation for going into politics has always been to leave our city and our world better off for the next generation. My children, and now my first grandchild, will face crises that most of my generation can’t even imagine. Preventing the worst outcomes is all the reward I need. 

“I would like to thank Vancouver Magazine and their panel for this honour, which I intend to use as a platform to improve the lives of Vancouverites and advocate for bolder climate action and a safer, more secure and affordable city.” 

This is the second award in less than a week that Councillor Carr has received in recognition of her tireless work for our city and our environment. Over the weekend, at the Sustainable Production Forum (SPF), Carr was presented with a Sustainable Production Champion Award for her work on Greening the Film Industry in Vancouver. The award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond to advance sustainable production in the motion picture industry.