Green Party of Vancouver publishes yearly campaign finance disclosures

Published Feb 18, 2021 2:00 PM

VANCOUVER, BC - The Green Party of Vancouver has a long standing commitment to transparency and accountability to the public interest. As part of this commitment, the party has published our list of 2020 campaign contributors.

Currently, LECFA (Local Election Campaign Finance Act) regulations only apply to election campaigns and only require reporting during an election year — political parties’ day to day operations are exempt in both election years and non-election years. Following an official policy passed in 2019, the Green Party of Vancouver applies the LECFA campaign contribution restrictions to our operating bank account, and posts annual disclosures on our website.

“We strongly believe that transparency and financial regulations are essential parts of our democracy,” says Councillor Pete Fry, who recently passed a motion calling for amendments to the City of Vancouver Code of Conduct for Council requiring elected officials to publicly declare any potential conflict related to campaign donations. “I have been advocating for political finance reform for years now and am proud of how our party leads the way on transparency and eliminating ‘dark money’ from municipal politics.”

“Last year council unanimously passed my motion calling on the province to take immediate action to address these loopholes and protect the integrity of local elections. I look forward to continuing this work and highlighting these significant issues with the Local Elections Campaign Finance Act.”

Both the provincial and federal levels have strict rules around political financing that include contributions for operational activities and annual disclosures. However, the province has not made these rules consistent at the municipal level.




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