2018 Nominees

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The City of Vancouver is currently reviewing whether the order of candidates' names on October's election ballot will be randomized. Names below have been randomized. Our Green Councillor, Adriane Carr, wants to know what you think of this idea before she votes on it in June. Email: office@vangreens.ca.

Names in bold indicate an incumbent nominee.

City Council

Denise Brennan

Denise Brennan is Executive Director of Creative Coworkers, a non-profit community space in Railtown, Vancouver, and is majority owner of the coworking space Subculture which operates there. She is also Director of Coworking BC, a professional association for coworking owner/operators across the province.

Denise actively champions the rights of commercial tenants, small businesses, freelancers and solopreneurs, and is passionate about the strength of community and the power of coming together to tackle our social challenges. She is also a strong advocate for public health, particularly in the Downtown Eastside Oppenheimer Development District, where she is engaged in outreach and advocacy.

With a wealth of experience in community building and a deep understanding of the role of policy, Denise believes that her unique take on sustainability, entrepreneurship and social justice is an asset to the Green Party in this upcoming civic election.

Why vote for me?

I advocate for healthier, safer, connected communities. At the core of my work lives the principle that our environment must be created together. The places we intersect are where we’re strongest, and provide the opportunity to meet and find solutions.

I am invested in principles more than promises and value honesty, integrity, and accountability. Inclusivity is a passion - I know that we find our best moments when we create opportunities of true diversity. As a city we must dig deeper into what those opportunities look like and what diversity really means.

When we pursue the goal that every one of our residents should be treated with dignity and respect, we all benefit.

I commit to joining our elected Greens in supporting the vital objectives of Truth and Reconciliation.

You can expect me to promote equity, community engagement, community consultation, and transparency in every city process.

Terry Martin

Terry Martin has spent 9 years as a mental health worker and advocate, owned multiple small businesses, and a carpenter contractor for 20 years. He has been a tenant and a landlord, provided social housing for several people, and has been both employer and employee. He has chaired the board of variance for 3.5 years so is familiar with building bylaws, zoning, etc. He attends council meetings, spoken at multiple public hearings, and has been involved in the social justice movement for 35 years. IN 2011, Terry was a council candidate. Terry has served on several boards and committees, worked on number campaigns, and has helped develop policy with NSV. He continues to volunteer on many environmental and social justice movements, standing up for First Nations rights including stopping Site-C Dam and stopping Kinder Morgan.

Why vote for me?

  • Born and raised in Vancouver
  • Own 2 houses dedicated to social housing
  • Involved in civic politics 36 years
  • Former Chair-Vancouver Board of Variance (city hall), zoning and development is the bulk of councils work and I have a thorough knowledge of zoning and development bylaws and planning department
  • Attended and presented to numerous public hearings
  • Longtime Green supporter-As a candidate in 2011 I endorsed Adrian Carr

Because I

  • Grew up with a single mom on welfare
  • Home owner in Vancouver now
  • Have been a renter and a landlord
  • Have been an employee and employer
  • Worked in construction became a contractor

I see the issues from all points of view

  • Will be fair and balanced
  • I have stood by principle by not trying to stack the meeting
  • I believe that dedicated members should make the decision 

I can be relied on to not compromise principles for my own gain

David Wong

David is a proud multi-generational Canadian. A vocal and active community advocate, he is a best selling author, an architect, and an urban ecologist.

A background in biology has helped him earned a reputation for designing environmentally respectful and culturally appropriate homes, with an emphasis on affordable housing & communities. Having designed some of Asia’s first ‘green’ buildings, he oversaw the first LEED* Gold building in Metro Vancouver’s Fraser Valley.

David had worked for a number of years in the City’s Engineering and Planning departments, and has a good working knowledge of civic systems and governance.

Inducted as an Honorary Witness by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, his work with indigenous peoples has earned him honours, including adoptions by First Nation clans and families across North America.

David was a BC Greens candidate and was the party’s housing and affordability spokesperson in the 2017 provincial election, and had earned the highest percentage and vote count in Vancouver.

A past school PAC chair, he continues his support of education through giving presentations and workshops at schools and community events – speaking on topics ranging from Canadian literature, clean technology, to amphibian conservation and leadership. He is a proponent of diversity – promoting intercultural knowledge sharing as an incubator of creativity and innovation. He received a QE II Diamond Jubilee medal in recognition of this work.

David defends and practices a no nonsense approach to leadership, with values grounded in integrity, decisiveness, and a very high degree of ethics.

Why vote for me?

I’m a fifth-generation Vancouverite. I’ve shared the historic struggles of Chinese-Canadians in my bestselling graphic novel and helped save our urban forests in the 1990s through facilitating dialogue between newcomers and long-time residents.

I’ve helped found over 30 arts, cultural, and community organizations to celebrate our diversity— an engine for innovation and creativity. We must keep Vancouver affordable so our communities can continue to thrive and create.

It’s fantastic when I connect children to nature through workshops to save frogs! As an architect, I co-founded an international firm and mentor First Nations to build affordable homes in their communities. I’ve been adopted by First Nations and serve as a Truth and Reconciliation Commission Honorary Witness.

I ran as provincially in Vancouver-Hastings, performing the strongest amongst 2017 Green candidates in Vancouver, and served as Housing and Affordability Critic.

I’m running for the Council nomination to bring my experience and integrity to City Hall with a strong team of Green colleagues.

Pete Fry

Pete has spent years advocating for the complex needs of diverse vulnerable communities in the East End. In particular, he's advocated for developing locally-based strategies for vulnerable families; employment opportunities and community economic development; and protecting heritage—not just old buildings but cultural heritage and communities. Pete volunteered with residents across our city to help them navigate the city’s development and planning processes.

In 2014, Pete ran for City Council driven in part by his concerns over the removal of the Georgia-Dunsmuir Viaducts: in particular the lack of a transportation plan for the surrounding area; the impacts on low income housing and adjacent vulnerable neighbourhoods; unfulfilled commitments to deliver a park and other public benefits; and meaningful reconciliation and restoration for the forcibly-displaced black community at Hogan’s Alley.

Today, those issues remain unresolved and have grown even more pressing. In fact, so many of the issues he campaigned on in 2014, like housing, short-term rentals, developer influence at City Hall, and erosion of communities, are even worse now.

Pete has passion, commitment and ideas for our city and is ready to work hard to serve Vancouver residents.

Why vote for me?

After strong results in the 2014 and 2017 council elections and 2016 provincial by-election, I’m seeking the nomination for council to advance practical, effective solutions, and serve our city as a champion for transparency, good governance and the public interest.

As a community advocate, I’ve been active on issues critical to the well-being of our city and its people: housing and development, poverty reduction, public health, participatory engagement, community resiliency, local economic development, and anti-corruption.

As a Green, I’ve been active as a candidate, a media spokesperson, and volunteer; developing policies and communications strategies, managing campaigns, mentoring new candidates, and building the party. I have consistently run strong campaigns. As a candidate in the 2016 provincial by-election I helped the BC Greens win over 25% of the vote for the first time ever on the Mainland.

With your support I will run a vigorous, winning campaign. Thank you.

More at http://petefry.ca

Michael Wiebe

Michael Wiebe was elected to the Vancouver Park Board in in 2014, and served as Chair of the board from 2016-2017. He grew up skating on Jericho pond, swimming at English Bay, and cycling Stanley Park. He’s now a local business owner and community leader who wants to work to preserve and enhance the best of Vancouver. He started by volunteering at age 12, by mapping out the wheelchair accessibility of all trails in Stanley Park. At age 16, Wiebe became a Lifeguard for the Park Board and would later co-found the Vancouver Lifeguard Association.

After earning his Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Wiebe worked for the Provincial Government in managing public board appointments and helped build the Best Practice Guidelines. He later migrated to the hospitality industry in order to gain management experience, ultimately leading him to opening his own restaurant.

As a director of the Mount Pleasant BIA, Wiebe feels called to be more involved in community advocacy work. He understands that Vancouver is in a phase of rapid growth with a powerful potential for change, and wants to help ensure that the right decisions are being made, guided by evidence-based policy and the principles of sustainability.

Why vote for me?

Let’s stand up for a healthy, affordable, resilient, and inclusive community! Let’s support our residents, community groups, and businesses while protecting and enhancing the arts, culture, sport, and commercial spaces that make Vancouver the rich vibrant city we know and love. Emphasis needs to be placed upon reconciling for past mistakes and working together for a healthier city. This takes strong leadership that can listen, learn, and work across party lines to understand our challenges and implement effective solutions. Over the last 20 years, I’ve gained extensive leadership experience as a public servant and business leader though my involvement with the Vancouver Park Board, Art House Society, Office of the Premier, Mount Pleasant BIA, Persons with Disabilities Advisory Group, Indigenous Peoples Advisory Group, LGBT2+/TGV2S, and numerous other community boards. I am committed to working with all the incredible groups within the city to move progressive ideas forward. I am ready to represent you on council.

Adriane Carr

In 2011, Adriane Carr was elected as Vancouver's first Green Party City Councillor. She was re-elected in 2014 at the top of the polls. She earned her MA in urban geography from UBC, taught at Langara College, then helped grow the Gastown-based Wilderness Committee as a major force in environmental conservation. From 2000 to 2006 she served as BC Green Party Leader -- a party she co-founded in 1983 -- and from 2006 to 2014 as Deputy Leader to federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May. She is Council's representative to the Lower Mainland Local Government Association, a Metro Vancouver Board member, and a Council liaison to the Vancouver City Planning Commission, Urban Indigenous Peoples Advisory Committee, Vancouver Food Policy Council and Cultural Communities Advisory Committee, and to the neighbourhoods of Downtown-Eastside/Strathcona, Killarney, West End and West Point Grey. She is dedicated to affordability, social justice, sustainability, and putting the public interest first.

Why vote for me?

Vote for me for three reasons:

1. I’m an incumbent councillor. My experience will be valued. Few incumbents are running. Many say I could be a "defacto" mayor.

2. I’m popular with voters city-wide. I topped the polls in the 2014 election and was the highest-polling potential mayor candidate. On the civic ballot, my popularity will help elect our other Green candidates.

3. I’m effective and need another term to get projects done. My motions deliver results. I need more time to complete key initiatives: getting more from developers and much more housing that’s affordable for local incomes; creating a Vancouver carbon trust to fund affordable housing retrofits; increasing local food security; making City Hall more transparent; ensuring Vancouver is genuinely green.

I was born here, co-started the Vancouver Greens, and am known for being fair, practical and collaborative. I work hard, listen to people and put public interest first.

Francoise Raunet

Françoise Raunet is a lifelong Vancouverite who is passionate about the future of our city, our youth, and our environment. With a Masters in International Studies, she understands that the forces behind Vancouver’s social, economic, and environmental problems are global in nature but require local solutions. Françoise is a public school teacher with children of her own, and she knows firsthand the challenges faced by Vancouver’s families. She is skilled at bringing people together to solve their common problems. Having lived for years in cooperative housing, Françoise recognizes the value of varied housing alternatives. Years spent studying and working in Taipei, Taiwan, and Portland, Oregon, have informed her views on what makes a city liveable. As a city councillor, Françoise will work to build a strong and sustainable local economy, with a focus on renewable energy, expanded public transportation, local food production, and support for small and medium-sized businesses.

Why vote for me?

My family has lived in Vancouver for generations. I’ve lived and worked in Montreal, Portland, and Taipei, and I have held jobs in restaurants, retail, social & community services, nonprofit research, broadcasting, curriculum development and, now, teaching. But today, as a teacher, a mom, and a concerned citizen, I fear for the future of our city. As more and more beloved small businesses are shuttered, unable to compete with global multinationals, and as friends and colleagues leave the city in droves, I worry. The problems are real, but complaining won’t solve anything. We need solutions. Solutions like housing co-ops and renter protections, local renewable energy grids, urban farming and food security programs, supports for small-scale and artisanal manufacturing (local business), expanded public transportation networks, and restoring faith in our democratic institutions. To do this we need people with ideas. People skilled at bridging differences and finding common ground. People who will govern for the common good instead of personal political ideology. People like me.

Park Board

Stuart Mackinnon

Stuart Mackinnon is currently the Chair of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. Stuart was first elected a Vancouver Park Board Commissioner representing the Green Party of Vancouver from 2008-11. He also has served as a Trustee of the Vancouver Public Library (2008-10). Re-elected to the Park Board in 2014, he is active in parks and green space issues, with a focus on access, preservation and conservation.

He has sat on the boards of many non-profit organizations including Axis Theatre, the Wilderness Committee, Follow Dr. Norman Bethune to China, and SPEC (the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation). In 2012 Mackinnon became a Governor of the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association, where he served as the 2nd Vice-President until his re-election to the Park Board.

Mackinnon teaches and is currently the Special Education Department Head and School Based Resource Teacher at Killarney Secondary in Vancouver.

Mackinnon lives, works and shops in the Fraserlands neighbourhood in Vancouver.

Why vote for me?

Better parks and recreation for Vancouver has been Stuart Mackinnon's passion for many years. He has been an advocate for parks and green space issues, with a focus on access, preservation, and conservation. He has served as a Green Park Commissioner for 7 years and is currently the Chair of the Park Board. Stuart has championed fair fees for families, respectful dialogue with park and community partners, and cruelty free parks. He has worked for better maintenance of our parks and gardens, fought against recreational fees for toddlers, and proposed measures to turn down the noise in our parks. Stuart has ensured that public washrooms are open, accessible, and clean for everyone. “My mission—working for better, greener parks— isn’t over. There is still much to do. I ask for your support to continue working for you and all the residents of Vancouver as a Green Park Board Commissioner".

Dave Demers

Dave Demers is a horticulturalist and builder, a small business owner and lecturer, a word-travelled plant geek and a proud Vancouverite by adoption.

Born on a farm outside Quebec City, Dave has always been precocious in his field. Founding president of the local garden club at 15, he is now 38 years old with 25 years experience. He studied near Montreal and interned in private gardens and botanical institutions in New York, Seattle, and Cape Town. He has done professional plant exploration in a dozen countries and has had his writings published and his lectures heard, in French and English, for a variety of audiences.

Long established in Vancouver, Dave is the Principal of his own design-build-maintain landscape company; acts as a consultant for architectural firms; assists local artists and co-founded the not-for-profit Vancouver Landscape Collective. He is particularly interested in the middle ground where nature and culture meet.

Why vote for me?

Dave Demers is a successful entrepreneur, builder and employer, with an intricate understanding of Vancouver’s neighbourhoods. Raised on a farm and trained in horticulture in Montreal, New York and Seattle, he has worked in the fields of botany, landscape and construction for nearly 25 years, in over a dozen countries. Dave will use his understanding of the local Parks and Rec system and his extensive network within the community to make decisions that put citizens first.

As a Commissioner, Dave intends to champion issues relating to three main fields:

1. Ensuring universal accessibility and proximity of green spaces and recreational installations.
2. Preserving, improving and increasing our green spaces.
3. Increasing collaboration between various agencies and elected officials.

A vote for Dave is a vote for a dedicated candidate with deeply rooted experience, knowledge and perspective into the field of parks and recreation.

Mash Salehomoum

Mash is a second generation Canadian, and a proud member of the Iranian community. She grew up on the North Shore, spending her days in neighborhood parks and community centres, and her Sundays at Vancouver’s destination beaches and parks with her family. She developed a passion for parks and nature at an early age, leading her to obtain a Diploma of Technology in Fish, Wildlife and Recreation followed by a BSc in Ecological Restoration from BCIT. While in school, she volunteered at the Vancouver Aquarium as a library assistant, an educator, and a marine mammal rescue assistant. She now spends part of the year working in regional parks such as Minnekhada, Belcarra and Colony Farm as a park patroller and worker. Mash is an avid traveler and hopes to pursue her Master’s degree in Urban Planning. She currently lives in the West End with her partner, James.

Why vote for me?

My passion is bringing people and nature together in a sustainable way. I have studied Ecological Restoration and Recreation at BCIT and have worked in regional parks for several years. My experience gives me a scientific perspective as well as a technical understanding that I am excited to bring to the Park Board. I will focus on promoting opportunities for nature-based education and community building, achieving salmon-safe certification, and increasing accessibility and diversity in local parks and recreation centres. In every discussion, I will emphasize working towards reconciliation with the Coast Salish communities. In building my platform, I promise that I will always keep an open mind and listen to my community to address any gaps in our park and recreation system and in my knowledge. I hope that I will inspire other people who see a part of themselves in me to join the party and our campaign.

Camil Dumont

Camil is 38 years old. He's lived in Vancouver nearly all of those 38 years. He went to elementary school at L'Ecole Bilingue and graduated from high-school in 1997, from the French Immersion program, at Kitsilano Secondary. Camil graduated with a BA from UBC in 2010. As a younger man, Camil worked a decade, seasonally, at the Vancouver Park Board, horticulture. He did some significant backpacking too, nationally and internationally. Camil and some friends founded Inner City Farms (ICF), a Vancouver urban farm, in 2009. Camil has been Head Farmer and Executive Director of ICF since 2010, still is. Camil returned to UBC and completed his MSc. in 2017, in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Camil is a lifelong environmentalist. He is a new dad. He loves his family, his community, his city and our little blue planet, very much.

Why vote for me?

In so many ways, our city is in flux. We must manage and steward our spaces and our communities responsibly, with humility and with grace. I am seeking one of the Green nominations for Parks. I believe in my ability to synthesize information, accept and understands multiple different paradigms and viewpoints, and make sound decisions accordingly. I feel aligned with the stated Green principles in my personal values. I desire a local government that addresses our current ecological and social landscape with community based research, commitment, thoughtfulness, love and compassion. We can do better, for our planet, its creatures, our families, and the generations to come. We are the ancestors of the future. I think we best act accordingly. I hope you will consider me for the Parks nomination on the 27th.

School Board

Lois Chan-Pedley

Lois is passionate about making sure our children are equipped to solve the problems of the future. She believes academic skills should be enhanced with creative problem solving skills, through programs such as music, arts, and outdoor education. She is very active in her community, regularly volunteering for places like the Eastside Family Place and Happy Corner Preschool Society. She is also serving as the Treasurer for the Britannia PAC. She works as an IT consultant with many nonprofits and advocacy groups. Her family immigrated from Hong Kong when she was 10. She grew up on the west side of Vancouver and now lives in Grandview-Woodland with her husband, two kids, and a dog.

Why vote for me?

Look around the table. Whose voice is missing? There are plenty of established folk, but young parents are almost always left out. We often don’t have the capacity to speak up as we’re still learning to juggle household, financial, career and parental duties, but school board decisions affect us deeply. In fact, I’m writing this while I sit with my children as they fall asleep, typing with my thumbs, because I know how important it is to be there for them in the present, and plan for their future too. Our children and communities need varied perspectives. As the youngest nominee, my views complement everyone else’s. I will speak up for my demographic, but I will always strive to make space for other voices too. It’s our duty as Greens to remove barriers and bring diverse voices to the table. I'm showing up for us - please let me serve!

Alex Dow

Alex was born in Montreal, raised and attended public school in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He attended universities in Nova Scotia, Quebec, and British Columbia. He worked in catering as well as university media in Halifax until the early 90's when he moved to Vancouver. He worked for the Georgia Straight newspaper for over twenty years, marketing education and political campaigns were his areas of interest and expertise. He was a member and ambassador emeritus to the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade for over 20 years as well.

Alex has been married since 2001 and has one child who is in Grade 6 at Dr. Annie B. Jamieson Elementary and she is enrolled in the Mandarin program.

Alex has volunteered for an assortment of political campaigns and has been supporting the Greens at every level for more than 5 years.

Why vote for me?

As a parent of a child in the public education system with 6+ years PAC rep and 4+ years District PAC rep experience, I am witnessing first hand, a ladder being pulled up.

Programs which have been surrendered in the last 16 years must be reestablished. First year, everything lost up to and including, Elementary Band and Strings will reestablished. We will work with and through provincial counterparts, all trustees and stakeholders to make it so. Continuing Education, and the balance of the community oriented programs, will be re-established soon after.

The legacy we are currently leaving is dismal. Trustees must do more or we fail the next generation of students.

As a trustee, I will arrest the ongoing intimidation from provincial counterparts, senior management and stakeholder groups.

Children's interests will be put first!

Estrellita Gonzalez

Estrellita Gonzalez was elected as a Vancouver School Trustee in the October 2017 by-election.

Estrellita is a small business owner, author and wellness educator. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources Management and 20 years of senior management and corporate experience. Today, she provides wellness, HR and Marketing consulting services and in 2012, launched Derma Bright Clinic, a medispa and later, Holistica Wellness, a Vancouver-based wellness centre.

In her role as School Trustee, Estrellita has worked collaboratively with the Board and demonstrated her commitment to supporting the wellbeing of Vancouver students. She believes Trustees must work to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their full potential and are well-served by a district that meets their needs and creates bright futures – for students and our city.

Estrellita was born in New Westminster, grew up in Delta, and has lived in Europe and Asia. She has lived in Vancouver since 1992. Her son is a high school student in the Vancouver School District. From 2016 to 2018 she served as Co-Treasurer for Eric Hamber Secondary - Studio program. At the invitation of the late Grace McCarthy, she has been a long-time CHILD Foundation volunteer and served as a VANOC - NOC Assistant for Team Spain.

Estrellita lives in the Oakridge neighbourhood, after many years in Mount Pleasant, with her business located in Kitsilano.

In seeking re-election with the Vancouver School Board, Estrellita is excited to continue the rewarding work that began in 2017 and to work to make Vancouver the best school district in British Columbia.

Why vote for me?

I was elected as a School Trustee for one of nine Board positions at the by-election in October and placed 3rd of 19 candidates. It was an amazing night! Since then, with a steep learning curve, I have loved the role as a School Trustee. In my short time on the Board I have passed 3 motions, including one to have all new schools built using alternative and renewable energy sources. My Green values have and will continue to be represented in my role as a School Trustee. Besides being a Trustee, I am also mom to a 14-year old high school student. I run a small business, a wellness centre and medispa, and I'm an author, speaker and wellness educator. I help people every day feel better! As a School Trustee I would work hard to help our school district and our kids be the best they can be. There is much still to do and so tonight I am asking for your vote so that I can continue the work I have started. Thank you!  

Nicholas Chernen

Nicholas Chernen is a born and raised Vancouverite. A proud single father to two teenaged sons, Nicholas has realized that if he wants his kids to choose Vancouver as their adult home, he has to conribute to making sure his home town stays affordable, accessible, sustainable, livable and inclusive.

Nicholas is committed to work across party lines to find the best solutions for Vancouver from a community perspective, not only a party perspective and this is why he supports the idea of a non-majority council.

Nicholas was a city council candidate with the Cedar Party in 2014, an independent party that he started with his brother.

Nicholas wants to be a part of creating a legacy of peace, health, good government and environmental stewardship. Nicholas believes that the Global Green Principles of the Green Party provide the structure to make this possible.

Why vote for me?

Supporting students, with broad inclusivity, in ways that match individual learning styles/needs (academic/emotional/physical), is the best long term planning we can do for our city. We owe it to our kids to have them inspired, prepared and welcomed with greater opportunity and the choice to stay, play and prosper in Vancouver.

My direct experience as a VSB parent motivates me, with my own kids having experienced various opportunities and issues while in school: learning challenges, significant bullying, coming out, Trades training, performing arts programs, advanced studies curriculum. I believe advancing reconciliation elevates us all. I seek vibrant neighbourhood schools as community anchors that are easily/affordably/safely accessible by walking, biking and/or transit. 

I seek to expand partnership/advocacy opportunities along-side City Council and Park Board to create new/enhance existing educational tools/facilities/funding.

I commit to continuing the spirit of collaborative cross-party work of the current trustees, and to honourably represent the Vancouver Greens.

Janet Fraser

Janet Fraser was first elected in 2014 and served Vancouver’s students with commitment and integrity. Following the dismissal of the entire School Board by the former Minister of Education in 2016, Janet was re-elected in the 2017 School Board by-election, topping the polls. She currently serves as Chair of the Vancouver School Board.

As a trustee and Chair of the School Board, Janet has worked hard to build and maintain good relationships with VSB stakeholders, staff, community partners and other levels of government.  Janet always made her decisions based on the best interests of students. For example, she voted not to approve the 2016/17 balanced budget, as the cuts too deeply impacted students, and she brought forward a successful motion not to sell off school sites.

Born and educated in the UK, Janet achieved BSc and PhD degrees in chemistry from the University of Bristol.  Since moving to Vancouver, she has worked as a scientist, project manager, at-home parent, program administrator and school trustee.  

Janet has lived in Marpole for 17 years and has three teenage children: two in Vancouver’s public schools and one attending post-secondary in BC.  She served on school PAC executives for ten years and is active in the local community.

Why vote for me?

Janet Fraser is a Vancouver parent of three school age children who was first elected as a Green VSB trustee in 2014, topped the polls in the 2017 by-election, and is currently the Board Chair. She serves Vancouver’s students with commitment and integrity and has always worked and made her decisions by focusing on students and how to best support their success. As Chair Janet guides trustees to work collaboratively and respectfully with senior staff, employee groups, students, parents and community partners. As an experienced trustee she understands many of the VSB’s complexities as is excited at by the opportunity to continue to improve public education in Vancouver and will strive to advance student outcomes, especially for our most vulnerable students which often includes Indigenous students and children and youth in care.

Ralph Fraatz

Ralph Fraatz has lived in Vancouver since 1957. Growing up in east Vancouver, he attended public school, graduating from John Oliver High School. After two years at Langara College, Ralph transferred to UBC to complete his Bachelor of Education. Prior to starting his teaching career, he was employed by the City of Vancouver Water Works Department and was a card-carrying member of CUPE Local 1004.

From 1979-2011, Ralph was a VSB teacher hired to work with special needs students. He has been a strong union supporter and served as a VESTA staff representative for three years. After retiring from teaching, Ralph was an active community volunteer at the VPD Community Policing Center, where he coordinated their Speed Watch program. In 2013, Ralph joined the Burrard Toastmasters.

As a VSB Trustee, Ralph will advocate for adequate predictable funding, continued seismic upgrading and increased support for First Nations and special needs students.

Why vote for me?

To effectively represent constituents as an elected trustee, I believe there are three key elements needed: a solid grasp of the issues; empathy with the people one wants to represent; ability to work collaboratively with others across party lines. 33 years as a Vancouver teacher, my time as a Vesta staff rep. and my continued involvement since retiring, have given me insight and understanding regarding the mending of public education today. Empathy comes from shared experience. I experienced first hand the effects of BC Liberal education policy. I heard the concerns parents expressed to me about their children’s education. I felt the same anger that simmered in my teaching colleagues and I witnessed the frustration experienced by our school administrators. Attending board meetings, I have maintained a good rapport with trustees from all parties. Teaching requires collaboration, so working with others comes naturally. Public education, I’m all in!