Cllr Wiebe wants to see more blue in the Greenest City; working for continuous waterway from False Creek to Fraser River

Published May 13, 2019 8:52 AM

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Councillor Michael Wiebe will introduce a motion this week asking staff to develop a blueways transformation plan from False Creek to the Fraser River. The motion aims to see ecosystem revival, trail enhancements, and habitat expansion along a continuous salmon bearing waterway from Vancouver to New Westminster. The blueway will follow closely the existing Central Valley Greenway and BC Parkway trails.

A blueway is a network of bodies of water that exist within a watershed, either on the surface (rivers, creeks and lakes) or subsurface (aquifers). The Central Valley Blueway exists within the China Creek Watershed and the Brunette Watershed. Blueways can improve water quality, absorb carbon and heavy rainfall, assist in stormwater management, buffer floods, protect and expand urban forests, and increase biodiversity and wildlife habitats.

“Cities across the world are increasingly looking at urban ecosystem revival as a tool to adapt to the rising threats of climate change,” said Wiebe.

“I’m really hoping Vancouver can join these global cities, including our neighbours New Westminster and Burnaby, who are way ahead of us when it comes to creek restoration, natural asset protection, and ecosystem rehabilitation. We also need to learn from and work with Local First Nations on how to be long term stewards of these lands and waters.

“A lot of great work has already been done along the blueway which helped chum salmon return to Still Creek back in 2012 for the first time in 80 years! I want the next generation of kids to be able play in these creeks and celebrate every year when the salmon return to Vancouver.

“Most of the work left to do lies in daylighting China Creek which runs under the False Creek Flats. With that area set to see significant redevelopment over the coming years, I think there’s an opportunity to make some real progress.

“I’d also like to see improvements to the existing trails; currently many portions of the Greenway are removed from Still Creek. Having creekside trails more immersed in nature can improve health and wellbeing, connect us to each other, and provide active ways of moving around the region.”

Speakers to Councillor Wiebe’s motion will be heard on Wednesday May 15, 2019.


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