Councillor Wiebe wants watershed management and revival of natural ecosystems to be the foundation of the citywide plan

Published Mar 06, 2019 11:03 PM

VANCOUVER, B.C. – On Wednesday March, 6, 2019, Councillor Michael Wiebe’s motion asking for the development of a comprehensive watershed management plan passed unanimously. His motion directs staff to report back on the scope of work needed and emphasized the importance of the underlying ecology of our city. Wiebe hopes the revival of Vancouver’s natural ecosystems will guide the development of the citywide plan.

The watershed plan will include cleaning up creeks, daylighting streams, restoring natural habitats, and increasing the number of residents who can access the shoreline within a 10 minute walk; measurable goals include reducing sewage overflow, improving water quality, and decreasing rain runoff sent to the treatment plant each year which costs the city millions.

“Local First Nations understand the importance of watershed revival; it is essential that the city learn from and work with them in developing this plan,” said Wiebe.

“Each year over 10 million cubic meters of combined sewer overflow (CSO) are released into Burrard Inlet from the Clark Drive CSO pipes alone. To put that in perspective that’s equivalent to 4000 Olympic sized swimming pools. Outdated stormwater and sewer management is just one piece of the problem with our current approach.

“The city is set to spend hundreds of millions to replace aging pipes using essentially the same technology from one hundred years ago.

“I am proposing a comprehensive plan that will see innovative technology work with our natural ecosystems to revive streams and habitats, save the city money, and increase access to nature for our residents.”


Motion: Shore to Core: Vancouver’s Watershed Revival Plan