Green Party candidates express serious concerns following announcement of investigation into alleged vote buying scheme

Published Oct 12, 2018 3:41 PM

VANCOUVER, BC - Messages on Chinese language app WeChat that appear to offer money in exchange for voting have been referred to the Vancouver Police as a potential offense.

Responding to this afternoon’s City of Vancouver media release, Green Party of Vancouver city council candidate David Wong expressed barely contained frustration.

“I’m a fifth-generation Canadian. My ancestors built this country and fought for the right to vote. This allegation that financial incentives are offered to people to vote, with recommendations for certain candidates, undermines people’s faith in the integrity of our democracy. I hope that this was an incident of people not understanding the rules and that steps will be taken to resolve this issue immediately.”

“I worry the honour and integrity of our community could be at stake here. I encourage anyone with relevant information to bring it to the attention of the Vancouver Police. Elections are the foundation of our democracy and the major decisions that we make as a community.”

Lois Chan-Pedley, Green candidate for school board, “I hope this was an honest mistake. I know election rules can be complicated, and especially daunting to figure out this year with the recent changes.”

“Unfortunately there is a growing divisiveness in politics across our city. I’ve already seen a number of racists tweets in response to these allegations. This is particularly concerning to me."

"Incidents like this not only erode our trust in the system, but in each other.”

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