Green Party receives unparalleled support for their housing platform from a wide range of experts and individuals

Published Oct 10, 2018 9:50 AM

VANCOUVER, B.C. – The Green Party of Vancouver has received a wide range of support for their housing plan, which is the number one issue in the upcoming municipal election. Supporters include, Scot Hein, Larry Beasley, Michael Geller, Patrick Condon, Tom Davidoff, and mayoral candidates Kennedy Stewart and Shauna Sylvester.

Green Party council candidates have met with community leaders, small businesses, academics, former and current city staff, and residents of all backgrounds and ages across the city. They have heard their ideas and concerns, and this has shaped their passion and platform for a brighter future. They are proud and grateful that their housing platform has garnered such broad support and they are confident that if the newly elected council commits to working collaboratively with residents, experts, and each other we can solve the housing crisis our city is facing.


Scot Hein, adjunct professor in the Master of Urban Design program at UBC and former senior urban designer with the City of Vancouver, “I strongly endorse the Green’s overall platform, especially their intentions towards more affordable housing and strong neighbourhoods. I am hopeful that these progressive ideas will resonate with the electorate, as well as others running for office given this seminal moment that will determine Vancouver’s future.”

Michael Geller, Vancouver-based architect, planner, real estate consultant and property developer with four decades’ experience in the public, private and institutional sectors, "The Green Party's housing platform is by far the most comprehensive of any Vancouver political party. While there are details requiring further consultation, in general I endorse the strategies and actions being proposed. If implemented, I am confident Vancouver's housing affordability will be much improved in the years to come."

Larry Beasley, former Co-director of Planning for the City of Vancouver, 'Distinguished Practice' Professor of Planning, University of British Columbia School of Community and Regional Planning, "I am happy to support the housing strategy of any party that goes as far and is as comprehensive as the Green Party Housing Strategy."

Tom Davidoff, Associate Professor (Stanley Hamilton Professorship in Real Estate Finance), Director of UBC Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate, Sauder School of Business, "I like the following ideas in the Green Housing Platform: rezone Vancouver for the public good of affordable housing, use conditional zoning in all new plans to deliver public benefits (Community Amenity Contributions), remove parking minimums, update building code and permitting, making sure that incumbent tenants benefit from, and are not hurt by, improvements or reconstruction, using city land to provide more housing, and allowing multiple suites in character homes.”

Patrick Condon, chair of the urban design program at UBC’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture:

“I am proud to endorse the Vancouver Greens platform on housing in this election.

The housing market is broken. This crisis requires leadership in Vancouver. We have some of the highest housing prices in the world and yet our residents have some of the lowest salaries of anywhere in Canada.

The Vancouver Greens have put together an excellent plan to address some of the problems we face. They have proposed the city define affordability relative to local incomes; that people should pay no more than 30% of their income on housing. They intend to launch a city-funded, city-built housing program on city-owned land, ensuring that we can build the non-market housing we need. They have set a goal of 50% non-market housing overall for all new multi-residential development.

Importantly, the Vancouver Greens have committed to a city-wide plan for housing, developed through consultation with residents and communities, including using conditional zoning in all new plans to suppress land speculation and deliver public benefits. Vancouver is the only city in this region that does not have a city plan. A city is supposed to have a plan for what its future is going to be like, and our lack of one has caused many of the problems we now face.

Who occupies the seats on council will be vital to whether this city actually works to address this crisis. The Vancouver Greens have put together a strong team of people who will listen to residents and work collaboratively to seek real solutions. I look forward to seeing the entire Green slate elected to champion their platform after the October 20th election.”

Shauna Sylvester, independent mayoral candidate, “Impressive housing platform presented by ⁦@VanGreens⁩ #vanpoli” - September 27, 2018, via Twitter.

Kennedy Stewart, independent mayoral candidate, “Like my housing platform, the @VanGreens plan addresses speculation while building homes for people who live & work here. Voters deserve a city hall that works together to make #Vancouver affordable for everyone. As Mayor, I would be proud to help deliver on this plan.” September 27, 2018, via Twitter.

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