David Suzuki endorses Green Party candidates in the municipal election

Published Oct 08, 2018 11:10 AM

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Scientist, broadcaster, author, and activist David Suzuki has endorsed five Green Party candidates in the upcoming municipal election.

"I have known Camil since he was a high school student and that's why I am pleased to endorse Camil Dumont of the Vancouver Green Party for the office of Vancouver Park Board Commissioner in the upcoming civic election," Suzuki said.

Suzuki also endorsed Dave Demers for park board. During a recent event he met with Adriane Carr, Pete Fry, and Michael Wiebe and endorsed all three for city council.

“We need a diversity of perspectives and priorities at all levels of government. Having Green representatives is essential to addressing the most pressing issue of our time, climate change. We need more young people in office because they will be the ones who have to deal with the impact of climate change and the decisions made today. We cannot wait to address these problems, we need to elect leaders who will make this a number one priority. Environmentalists have been ringing this alarm for years and it seems only Greens are listening.”

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