Wong information wrong in Green campaign flyer

Published Sep 21, 2018 12:37 PM

Vancouver, BC - "Mistakes often happen when you rush publications to press," lamented Green Councillor Adriane Carr, running for re-election with nine other Greens: 4 in all for Council, 3 for Park Board and 3 for School Board. "Rarely is anything perfect, and minor typos are often given a pass, but this one requires an apology. The fear that we'd miss our press deadline led me to just give it a cursory final proof-read. It's my fault and I take full responsibility," said Carr.

Carr is referring to the mistake in the Vancouver Greens' big run of campaign newspapers that describes Green council candidate David Wong as a Green Party founder and incumbent city councillor going for re-election, information inadvertently copied from Councillor Carr's bio. David Wong is actually running for the first time for Vancouver City Council. 100,000 papers were printed and volunteers were already picking them up to deliver to Vancouver voters when someone pointed out the error.

"I've talked to David Wong and apologized to him," said Carr. "But I also want to apologize to the thousands of Vancouver voters for this error in information. I pride myself and the Vancouver Greens for always acquiring and providing solid information."

"We simply cannot afford to reprint these papers. We also don't believe in waste. The paper is full of details regarding our campaign platform that is solid. I hope that voters understand that things like this can happen to any party, and accept my apology," concluded Carr.

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