Petition to the Government of British Columbia and the City of Vancouver Mayor and Council to Retain Critical Health Care Services at St. Paul’s Hospital Site

St_Pauls_emerg.jpgDo you live or work in the West End or Downtown Vancouver? Please sign Councillor Adriane Carr's petition to keep emergency medical services at the St. Paul's Hospital site even after the hospital is moved to the False Creek Flats.

Don't leave Vancouver's most dense neighbourhoods stranded without emergency medical care!

WHEREAS: the BC Government announced on April 13, 2015 that it will close St. Paul’s Hospital on Burrard Street in Vancouver’s West End and replace it with a new hospital in False Creek Flats in spite of the Premier’s commitment in 2012 to retain and upgrade the current hospital on Burrard Street; and

WHEREAS: on April 29, 2015 Vancouver City Councillor Adriane Carr was the only Councillor to vote against a motion by VISION Vancouver to support a new hospital and health care campus on the False Creek Flats, expressing her concerns about the lack of public consultation on the decision, the absence of commitment to retain critical health care services at the current St. Paul’s site, the impact of closing St. Paul’s on West End businesses and on the new West End Community Plan which was premised on St. Paul’s remaining at its current site, and the vulnerability of the proposed False Creek Flats site to earthquakes and sea level rise; and

WHEREAS: the populations of the West End and New Yaletown areas around St. Paul’s Hospital continue to grow and the West End is already the most densely populated area of Vancouver, with high numbers of seniors and members of the GLBTQ community who have chronic and acute health care needs, many of whom located in this area because of the hospital services at St. Paul’s.

THEREFORE: the undersigned citizens request that the BC and Vancouver City governments retain critical health care services on the current St. Paul’s Hospital site and conduct meaningful public consultations to determine the future of the St. Paul’s Hospital site including which health care services will be retained on the site.

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Sign the petition: Keep critical health care services at the St Paul's hospital site!
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Sign the petition: Keep critical health care services at the St Paul's hospital site!
@jennydecastris tweeted link to this page. 2016-03-31 21:36:19 -0700
Sign the petition: Keep critical health care services at the St Paul's hospital site!
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signed 2015-11-28 11:10:18 -0800
The new site for St. Paul’s Hospital is a disaster waiting to happen.
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signed via 2015-10-13 22:31:57 -0700
It is very important to keep emergency medical services at St. Paul’s Hospital. St. Paul’s Hospital provides good emergency medical care for Vancouver most dense neighbourhoods.
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signed 2015-10-07 18:00:10 -0700
St. Pauls Hospital is in my neighbourhood, and is where I was born. It’s become a part of our community and heritage, and I always feel welcome whenever I go inside. Please don’t take this place away from us whose lives and identity are intimately connected to it! Also, I plan to volunteer here after I graduate from uni, so I can give back to the hospital that took my mother in and saved our lives.
signed 2015-08-17 05:33:32 -0700
Right on, Councillor Carr – now get up the ass of the NDP on this question!!!
signed 2015-07-30 17:07:46 -0700
signed 2015-07-30 11:01:24 -0700
In NYC where I lived for 22 years, hospitals are throughout Manhattan to be sure the millions of residents have fast access to medical care when needed, especially in emergencies. Removing the only hospital in downtown Vancouver would be a HUGE mistake that could imperil the lives of those who live here.
signed 2015-07-29 17:37:29 -0700
St. Paul’s Hospital at it’s current location is a critical service to the entire Downtown Peninsula.
posted about this on Facebook 2015-07-25 13:59:09 -0700
Sign the petition: Keep critical health care services at the St Paul's hospital site!
@DianaMatrick tweeted link to this page. 2015-07-25 13:59:04 -0700
Sign the petition: Keep critical health care services at the St Paul's hospital site!
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signed 2015-07-22 22:40:28 -0700
Ignore Adriane at your peril. Just like mother she is always right.
signed 2015-07-21 22:57:03 -0700
If a new hospital is needed then the old building on Burrard Street will be able to house all of the homeless and mentally ill people in Vancouver. The building already has kitchen, laundry, and bathroom facilities. The rooms and wards could easily be converted into single occupancy rooms. It is centrally located, and can accommodate a variety of programs and services to help the homeless and mentally ill of our city. The neighbours are used to traffic and people with health issues at that location so there should be no complaints that sheltering homeless and ill people will change the character of the neighbourhood. Converting the old and historic premises to help the less fortunate is the perfect use for the existing buildings.
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