2014 School Board Candidates

Mischa Oak

: Mischa Oak has been a Teacher-On-Call for the Vancouver School Board since 2008 and has taught in almost every school in Vancouver during that time. He has experienced first-hand the challenges our schools face.

Mischa has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Queen’s University and worked successfully in marketing before becoming a teacher. His experience in the private sector taught him a respect for balanced budgets and the necessity for financial
diligence and creativity to adequately fund our schools.

Mischa is a long time hard working community activist, working for a progressive and diverse community: he served on the Board of Directors for the Vancouver Pride Society and as Volunteer Coordinator for the 2012 Pride Season. Mischa most
recently served as President of the Vancouver Centre NDP.

Mischa was born and raised in Vancouver and lives with his partner in Mount Pleasant. Mischa Oak is a published photographer and in his spare time loves running and cycling around Vancouver.

Why is Mischa running for School Board with the Green Party of Vancouver? -“I’ve been a Vancouver teacher since 2008 and have experienced first-hand the challenges our schools face. As your school trustee I will work to get the Vancouver School Board to stand up to the BC Government and demand fair funding for public education.   Right now there are still too many kids and families who face discrimination and fear at school, so I have a plan to move our schools to be more LGBTQ + Diversity Proud. Vancouver wants another progressive voice, a Green voice, at the table – I will collaborate and listen to make our schools better.”

Learn more about Mischa at www.voteoak.com.


Janet Fraser

Janet was born in the UK and attended the University of Bristol, achieving B.Sc. and Ph.D. chemistry degrees. In 1993 she moved to Vancouver where she married her husband Gregg, welcomed three children into their family, become a Canadian citizen and a Marpole homeowner. She has worked as a scientist and project manager in the pharmaceutical biotech industry for 10 years, and has been an at-home parent for 10 years. 

Janet is currently the PAC Co-Chair at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Elementary School, and over the last 10 years has been the Co-Chair or Chair at Laurier or Laurier Annex. In Marpole she has been active in neighbourhood development issues, co-founding Marpole Matters and engaging in the City’s Marpole Plan. Janet’s two daughters play hockey, and she is a Hockey Canada Safety Person with the Vancouver Angels. She has also been a soccer team parent and a baseball assistant coach. 

Why is Janet running for School Board with the Green Party of Vancouver? - “I am seeking the Green Party nomination to run as a school board trustee in order to ensure that all of Vancouver’s children have the opportunity to thrive at school and become engaged and successful citizens.  My core value that I will bring to my role is School Trustee is that of Sustainability - of the school community, the student family, and the school infrastructure and processes. That is why I have chosen to run with the Green Party of Vancouver, a party whose values align with my own.”