Affordable (Young) Family Housing

Young families are leaving the City of Vancouver en masse.  I know because I have young children and I have conversations with the parents who are leaving all the time.  Many are families with two professional parents who cannot find suitable housing with family features somewhere between a single family home which is too expensive and a condo which does not have appropriate indoor or outdoor play area or enough bedrooms.  The downside of this will be neighbourhoods with fewer and fewer children and schools that will not be able to remain open.  Not to mention people who live outside of the City and commute every day - most by car sadly - with all the GHGs that entails.  Whistler has proven that it is possible to provide homes for families - and others - in a radically unaffordable market and we should look to their strategies.  And also to coops who provide multi-unit dwellings with a combination of private and shared outdoor space that is family friendly.  We need to zone and incentivize for stacked town homes, fourplexes and so on - and not just along busy arterials that are unsuitable for unsupervised play by young children.  Many countries like Australia and the UK have tremendous programs to provide middle sector or workforce affordable housing so that teachers, nurses, firefighters and others can afford to live in the cities where they work.  And I think this needs to be a priority for the City of Vancouver too.

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The house market in Vancouver needs to be geared to average Canadian family incomes, not to the International high flyers who are using Vancouver real estate as an investment. I think we should take a page from Australia and control the sale of homes to non-Canadians.
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