Here are just a few of the ways that you can participate in our movement to bring genuine sustainability, affordability and democracy to City Hall:

  • BECOME A MEMBER: All residents of Vancouver who are not members of any other municipal political party are eligible to become members for only $10/year. By becoming a member, you get to participate in setting the direction of the party and could even run for a leadership role on our Board of Directors. Having a solid membership base is what keeps our party strong and resilient!
  • VOLUNTEER: We're not a Big Money party, we're a People party! We rely on volunteers to help us effectively get our message out to Vancouverites. Whether for an hour here or there or for a larger project, can you lend us a hand?
  • DONATE: The Green Party of Vancouver does not accept donations from real-estate developers or fossil fuel companies, and is currently one of the only parties with a self-imposed limit on donations and campaign spending. We rely on small donations from many supporters to run our campaigns. Would you consider making a small donation to the cause, or better yet, become a Sustaining Donor by signing up to make a small monthly donation?