2014 Park Board Candidates

Stuart Mackinnon

campaign_2014_colour.jpgBio: Stuart is active in parks and green space issues, with a focus on access, preservation and conservation. He has sat on the boards of many non-profit organizations including Axis Theatre, the Wilderness Committee, Follow Dr. Norman Bethune to China, and SPEC (the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation). 

From 2008-2011 he was an elected Vancouver Park Board Commissioner representing the Green Party of Vancouver. He also has served as a Trustee of the Vancouver Public Library.

Stuart teaches and is currently the Special Education Department Head and School Based Resource Teacher at Killarney Secondary in Vancouver.

In 2012 Stuart became a Governor of the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association, where he currently serves as the 2nd Vice-President.

Stuart lives works and shops in the Fraserlands neighbourhood in Vancouver.

Why is Stuart running for Park Board with the Green Party of Vancouver? - “I'm running for Park Board with the Green Party because I want to return Vancouver to the beautiful city with parks and gardens it once was. A city where everyone can play in their own neighbourhood, and where common sense and community values are what drives decision making.”

Learn more about Stuart Mackinnon: www.betterparks.org (blog) and www.betterparks.ca (website)

Michael Wiebe

 Michael grew up skating on Jericho pond, swimming at English Bay, and cycling Stanley Park. He’s now a local business owner and community leader who wants to work to preserve and enhance the best of Vancouver. He started by volunteering at age 12, by mapping out the wheelchair accessibility of all trails in Stanley Park. At age 16, Michael became a Lifeguard for the Park Board and would later co-found the Vancouver Lifeguard Association.

After earning his Bachelor’s in Business Administration, Michael worked for the Provincial Government in managing public board appointments and helped build the Best Practice Guidelines. He later migrated to the hospitality industry in order to gain management experience, ultimately leading him to opening his own restaurant.

As a director of the Mount Pleasant BIA, Michael feels called to be more involved in community advocacy work. He understands that Vancouver is in a phase of rapid growth with a powerful potential for change, and wants to help ensure that the right decisions are being made, guided by evidence-based policy and the principles of sustainability.

Why is Michael running for Park Board with the Green Party of Vancouver? - “I’m running for Parks Board Commissioner because the voices of our city have been lost,” says Wiebe. “I noticed this first-hand on the Mount Pleasant Implementation Committee. We need to take advantage of the opportunities this city has during a time of growth to work together to maximize our resources and build more natural parks and a healthier food system; foster grassroots community initiatives; and create a sustainable waste management program. ”

Learn more about Michael Wiebe at becascadian.com