Notice of 2013 Green Party of Vancouver AGM - May 27, 2013

Dear Green Party of Vancouver Member,


I’m excited to announce our 2013 Annual General Meeting. This has been a great year for our party. Since our last AGM, public opinion polls have shown us tied, at 21% popular support, with the NPA. Our first Green Party City Councillor, Adriane Carr, is regularly in the media, championing neighbourhood and citizen concerns. Our AGM is a good place to start planning for how we can win more Green seats in the next Vancouver election.


What:              AGM of the Green Party of Vancouver

When:             7-9 pm, Monday, May 27th

Where:            Boardroom - Alliance for Arts and Culture (100 - 938 Howe Street)

Details:            Election of Board Members, Financial and other Reports,

                        Update by Adriane Carr, Vancouver City Councillor


Be sure to reserve this date.  Come out, and bring along a friend or two. It’s time to seriously grow our party!

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Refreshments will be served.


At this year’s AGM, five two-year positions and a one-year position are open for election.


Please consider, if you can, making a donation to help us build towards the 2014 election. Last election, the Green Party of Vancouver spent less than $30,000 while Vision Vancouver and the NPA each spent over $3 million! Running to win more Green seats will take more money. Donate online at or mail a cheque to Green Party of Vancouver: Suite 403-207 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6G 1H7. Thank you!


We’re looking forward to seeing you on May 27. Click here to let us know you're coming!


Sincerely yours,

Jacquie Miller, Chair


P.S. The Green Party of Vancouver cooperates with the Green Party of BC and Green Party of Canada in membership-building efforts. As we approach a BC Provincial Election, with the very real chance to elect our first Green MLAs, please join (for just $10) and generously support the Green Party of BC:

To support the extraordinary work of MP Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada, join and donate at:

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