Green Party of Vancouver Unanimously Decides Against Running a Mayoral Candidate or Entering a Coalition with Any Other Party


At it’s Special General Meeting of Members on Thursday, June 19, 2014 the Green Party of Vancouver decided by unanimous vote that it will not participate in a coalition or electoral alliance with any other parties and that it will neither run nor endorse any mayoral candidate in the 2014 civic election.  Members also unanimously decided to run up to three candidates for Park Board, up to two candidates for School Board, and a candidate for Electoral Area A, conditional on the quality of the candidates coming forward.  


The decision to not participate in a coalition is consistent with the party’s position in the 2011 election. “The Green Party of Vancouver’s coalition is with the people.  We are neither left, nor right, but out front, appealing to voters across the political spectrum,” said Green City Councillor Adriane Carr.  “Good ideas don’t come just from one party.  We want to remain unencumbered by formal coalitions and free to collaborate with any other elected representatives to reach the best possible decisions for the people of Vancouver,” continued Carr.

 Party Chair, Jacquie Miller, stated that “Councillor Carr is the Greens’ natural choice for Mayor, but we all know she is not running for Mayor in 2014, she is running for re-election to Council.  Vancouverites will benefit more when Adriane is re-elected with her Green running-mates Cleta Brown and Pete Fry.  Green Council candidate Pete Fry noted that, “Our focus will be to work collaboratively on top issues like affordable housing, smart development that respects neighbourhoods, and decision making that puts people’s interests, not developers’ interests, first.” 

“The 2014 election is about getting more balance in civic government.  Our party’s polling reveals that two-thirds of Vancouverites feel that our city would be better off if Council is not dominated by one party,” said Green Council Candidate Cleta Brown.  “We are running to secure an influential number of seats, not majority power.  Our elected Greens will have the swing vote that will result in better outcomes for everyone in the City,” added Brown. 

“Although my last win was a squeaker, both our polling and independent polling shows that we have gained enough public support to get our Green team elected this November without a coalition,” concluded Carr.

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