Trustee Fraser’s “No Sale of School Lands” Motion at October 13 Vancouver School Board Meeting

VANCOUVER - In response to the Ernst & Young Special Advisor’s report and subsequent media coverage, Trustee Janet Fraser (Green Party of Vancouver) has submitted a motion that will be considered at the October 13, 2015 meeting of Vancouver School Board.

The EY Special Advisor’s report identifies 52 findings and 59 recommendations, including in capital asset management: Cost efficiency opportunities associated with capacity rationalization have been assessed at upwards of $37 million annually, with one-time proceed opportunities which could approach or exceed $750 million.

Subsequent media coverage includes CBC News (June 9, 2015): The 225-page review by Ernst & Young found the board could find a one-time saving of up to $750 million in asset sales, and total savings of $72 million through increased revenues and reduced costs. 

The full text of Trustee Fraser's motion reads:

Given that there is significant concern about the possibility of selling VBE school lands, it is recommended that: The VBE commit to not sell VBE school lands but maintain or increase our current number of school sites, to preserve neighbourhood sites for current and future educational and community use.

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