Motion for Judicial Review of Provincial Kinder Morgan Approval

Adriane_Stop_the_Pipelines.jpgThis week Vancouver City Council will be voting on a motion I submitted (seconded by Councillor Andrea Reimer) calling on the City of Vancouver to pursue a Judicial review of the Provincial Government's decision to approve Kinder Morgan's pipeline expansion in BC.

If Council passes my motion and the City wins in court, it will require the Province to do a proper environmental assessment, including meaningful consultation with First Nations and the public (which it didn't do, despite issuing the environmental permit and approval).  At minimum, this will slow the Kinder Morgan project way down. At best, it will produce solid information that stops the pipeline expansion.

My motion is on the City Council agenda for Tuesday, February 7. People signed up to speak to the motion will be heard on Wednesday February 8.

There will be a press conference, featuring prominent environmental activists, First Nation leaders as well as myself and Councillor Reimer, at City Hall at noon on Wednesday, February 8Please come!

If you want to speak in support of my motion (five minutes maximum), here is how you register to speak:
Link to “Request to Speak” at a Council meeting.
Deadline: You must sign up to speak prior to 9:30 am on Tuesday, February 7.
Speakers will be heard on Wednesday, February 8.
You can also write in support of my motion to

The text of my motion is below.

Thank you so much,

Adriane Carr
City Councillor
Green Party of Vancouver


Motion B.1 on Council Agenda of February 7, 2017:  Judicial Review of Provincial Government Decision to Approve Kinder Morgan’s Pipeline Expansion Project
MOVER: Councillor Carr
SECONDER: Councillor Reimer
1. On January 11, 2017, the Province of British Columbia (BC) announced its decision to issue an environmental assessment certificate to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project in BC, noting that its five conditions, including world-leading oil response capacity, had been met;
2. On January 13, 2016, the BC Supreme Court ruled that the Province must conduct its own environmental assessment review process for the Northern Gateway pipeline project, instead of signing an “equivalency agreement” that gives the federal government sole responsibility for environmental assessment as the Province did with both the Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan pipeline projects;
3. The Provincial environmental assessment process requires consultation with First Nations, opportunities for the involvement of the public and all interested parties and technical studies to identify and examine potential significant adverse effects, none of which were undertaken by the Province, which appears to have relied on environmental assessments produced by the NEB process in regards to its January 11, 2017, environmental approval of the Kinder Morgan project;
4. The City of Vancouver, in its submissions as an intervenor in the National Energy Board’s Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project process, noted the faulty environmental assessment process, including the absence of any modelling of the effects of a bitumen spill in Vancouver’s marine environment—making it impossible to develop a “world-leading” oil spill response strategy.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Vancouver City Council direct staff to proceed with requesting a judicial review of the Province of British Columbia’s decision to give environmental approval to Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project in BC.​

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