Granville Bridge Pedway

Counselor Carr may remember conducting and publishing a comprehensive survey entitled: "Transportation Alternatives For The False Creek Basin" in the early 1990's with her Urban Studies Geography students while she was an Instructor at Langara College. The results of which identified the proposed Granville Bridge Pedestrian Walkway concept as being the Number One preferred alternative identified by survey respondents among all the various transportation alternatives presented. It is important to note that the vehicular deck level of the Granville Street Bridge is among the most pedestrian unfriendly environments to be found within the City of Vancouver. 


The following is a brief description of the proposed Granville Bridge Pedway project:  

A covered, 200-meter handicap-accessible walkway BUILT INTO THE EXISTING SPAN of the Granville Street Bridge with glass-enclosed elevators and terraced stairway approaches at both ends, to connect downtown Vancouver with Granville Island; thereby creating a pedestrian "mall affect" between the two commercial anchors - Georgia & Granville Sts. to the north, and Granville Island to the south - thereby revitalizing economic activity between the two commercial nodes and relieving traffic and parking congestion and facilitating pedestrian access over the False Creek basin - as well as serving to connect Vancouver's entire seawall network. A practical, functional, extraordinarily cost-effective, (the existing support structure is already in place), economically-viable capital improvement for the City with tremendous public access and tourist potential as the views would be...spectacular. 

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