Lift-off Party!

The Green Party of Vancouver is on the rise! 

green_rocket.gifEarlier this month, our members packed a room for our 2014 AGM and Nominations kick-off. There they heard about the results of the major street poll we conducted this January, which found that the Green Party was the second highest-polling civic pary in Vancouver - and the party with the greatest upward momentum. Based on these strong results, our members voted to run up to four Green candidates for City Council this November.

Only days ago, our findings received confirmation from the latest civic poll by Justason Market Intelligence, which also found the Green Party of Vancouver in second place with 23% of decided voters.

The messages from the polls are clear: the Green Party of Vancouver's commitments to real democracy, real sustainability and a real citizen-led vision for the future of Vancouver have found resonance with the people of Vancouver. As with the Green Party of Canada's Elizabeth May in Ottawa, Vancouverites have seen how sole Green Councilor Adriane Carr has championed the issues that matter most to them, and now they want more Greens on Council to have an even greater impact.

Imagine: If we elect several more Greens to City Council as well as to the Park and School Boards this November, we will have achieved the single largest electoral victory for the Green political movement in the history of the Western Hemisphere. Not only will this be a victory for Vancouver, but the momentum will spill over into the 2015 federal election as well. We are at the tipping point; it's time to start winning!

In order to do this, we need YOU! The Green Party of Vancouver's ethical donations policy means that our most valuable resource is and will continue to be supporters like you. To achieve our goals this year, we are hitting the ground running and will need a strong team of volunteers for activities beginning in just a couple of months.

If you've been thinking about getting more involved in the Green Party, in any way, now's your chance! We would like to invite all of our supporters to our Lift-off Party at Strut Studios (910 Richards St) on Wednesday, March 5th starting at 6:30pm. Meet other Greens, including potential candidates and current City Councilor Adriane Carr, find out how you can contribute to a historic achievement this year, and have a fun night out!

Refreshments will be provided.

Admission is free - please RSVP below so we know to expect you! 

Can't make it but still want to help? Please consider making a donation to the cause!

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March 05, 2014 at 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Strut Studios
910 Richards St
Vancouver BC, BC V6B 3C1
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Please RSVP: Lift-off Party!
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Please RSVP: Lift-off Party!
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I'm going to the Green Party of Vancouver's Lift-off Party on March 5th!
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