Janet Fraser: Statement on June 24 School Board Chair vote

Janet_contextual_low_res.JPGIn choosing a trustee for the Vancouver School Board Chair today, I voted for the nominee I thought will provide the best leadership for our school district.  My vote was not based on aligning with a party, but based on who would best serve the board at this time.  

There were many factors in my decision including my firm belief that the Chair must work collaboratively and respectfully with the entire board, our district stakeholders, and provincial partners.   There are many Ministry of Education decisions I profoundly disagree with; however it is important that the Vancouver School Board has a working relationship with the provincial government so that we can successfully act on our many challenges ahead including responding to the special advisor’s report, submitting balanced budgets and moving forward as quickly as possible with the seismic mitigation program.

The Vancouver School Board Chair is an important leadership position but it is still one vote among eight trustees.  As a board we have voted unanimously on many occasions and I am sure this will continue.  I look forward to working with the new Chair, and to continue working collaboratively with all my board colleagues.  For every decision I will vote, as always, for what I believe is best for our students.

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