Janet Fraser's blog: What's happening at the VSB this week

September 14-18, 2015

This week the VSB has Committee I and Committee IV meetings on Wednesday, September 16, and a Special Board meeting on Thursday, September 17.

It is difficult to provide links to VSB agendas as only the current agenda is posted to the website. To see a meeting agenda (and all the attachments) go to www.vsb.bc.ca and click on “Board of Education”, then “Meeting Agendas”, then select the meeting name from the green bar.

Ordinarily all matters determined by the VSB Board are first considered at Committee. Committee membership includes appointed trustees and representatives from students, employee and parent organizations who have a stake in the affairs and decisions of the Board.

Committee I (Management Coordinating)

This committee deals with any matters not falling into specific area of responsibility of the other committees, Planning and Facilities (II), Education and Student Services (III), Personnel and Staff Services (IV) and Finance and Legal (V).


1. An overview of the VSB committee process

The background information is very thorough and runs to 40 pages.

2. Submission to the BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

This submission is the VSB’s opportunity to provide input to the provincial government’s 2016 budget. The staff report gives the previous submission, the education section of the 2014 Select Standing Committee’s report, and the most recent data on provincial funding of public education across Canada. This committee will hear from stakeholders but the board’s decisions as to the content of the submission will be made at the special board meeting. I would like the VSB to continue to advocate for our students by asking for stable, predictable and adequate funding for public education, with specific examples of where the current funding does not meet student needs.

3. Special Advisor’s (EY) Report

The staff report outlines the proposed process to respond to the 49 recommendations made to the VSB. The staff proposal is for draft responses to go to committees for stakeholder input before the board approves a final response to the Minister of Education by the end of 2015.

4. Bottled Water

This item is in response to my motion to phase out the sale of bottled water at our schools and facilities, and instead introduce water refilling stations and the sale of reusable water containers. The staff report gives information on what is currently happening in schools, e.g. more than 33,000 bottles of water were sold in a year, and options for taking action. The staff recommendation is to focus on activities that encourage the use of tap water through education and infrastructure actions.

Committee IV (Personnel and Staff Services)


1. An overview of the VSB committee process

2. Wellness & Attendance Response to Stakeholders

The memo is in response to a Joint Union correspondence that asked for the report A Review of the Wellness and Attendance Support Program to be revised, and includes the amended report.

3. PeopleSoft Project Update

The memo gives an overview of the human resources/payroll system transition from StarGarden HRIS to PeopleSoft HCM. Many features of the new system are working well but there are a number of issues to work through in the first year of using the PeopleSoft.

Special Board Meeting

The only item for consideration is the VSB submission to the BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. The report from the Committee I (Management Coordinating) meeting the previous day will be considered and then trustees will decide on the content of the submission.

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