Happy Pride!

jacquie_adriane_laura_leah_pride.jpgThe Green Party of Vancouver is proud to be marching in the 36th annual Vancouver Pride Parade today along with our friends from the Green Party of Canada (including leader Elizabeth May) and and the Green Party of BC (represented by Interim Leader Adam Olsen).

Green parties here in Canada and around the world have long been among the most vocal political advocates for respect of LGBTTQ people. The rainbow flag, for us, is symbolic of one of the 6 core Green Principles: Respect for Diversity. We would even go further and call this principle "Love of Diversity", because the diversity of personalities, genders and sexual orientations, races, cultures, languages and belief systems in our communities is at the foundation of everything we love and value about the society we live in. Almost nowhere is this more true than here in Vancouver.

If you are attending the parade today and are lucky enough to stake out a spot close to the street, we may hand you a package of wildflower seeds. These native, bee-friendly wildflower seeds are another token of our love of diversity, and we hope you have a little patch of earth where you can plant and enjoy them! The packages contain a diverse mix of seeds; here is what you can expect to come up:


Latin Name Common Name
Ageratum sp. Blue Mink
Ammi majus False Queen Anne's Lace
Didiscus sp. Lacy Mix
Clarkia sp. Godetia pinks
Helichrysum Dwarf Bouquet
Heliotropium arborescens Marine Heliotrope
Iberis sp. Dwarf Blend
Limonium sinuatum Statice
Phacelia tanacetifolia Phacelia
Trifolium incarnatum Crimson Clover
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