GPV Membership Elects all Women to Open Board Positions, Adopts Code of Conduct at Annual General Meeting

P4081806.JPGVANCOUVER, BC – The Green Party of Vancouver (GPV) held its Annual General Meeting this past Friday evening, April 8, 2016 at the Native Education College (285 E 5th Ave). Six board positions were open for election, with five of eleven existing Directors continuing on under two-year terms from 2015 AGM.

Nine women and men ran for the open board positions. After each nominee made their pitch to the membership in attendance at the meeting, the membership voted in a slate of all women Directors.

The names of the newly elected or re-elected Directors are:

  • Jacquie Miller (former Chairperson, ran for re-election)

  • Rosemary Cooper (former Secretary, mother of two young children, ran for re-election)

  • Elaine Alpert (former Director-at-Large, ran for re-election)

  • Linda Guthrie (former Director-at-Large, ran for re-election)

  • Jenny De Castris (independent Park Board candidate from 2014 municipal election, mother of two young children, ran for the first time)

  • Caroline Brown (millennial, ran for the first time)

The names of the board members elected in 2015 who will continue on under the final year of their two-year terms:

  • Ira Heidemann (Deputy-Chairperson, mother of two youths)

  • John Whistler (Treasurer)

  • Jordan Bober (Membership Coordinator)

  • Pete Fry (Director-at-Large, GPV Council Candidate from 2014 municipal election)

  • Steve Kisby (Director-at-Large)

This past Friday’s election of all women to the six open Director positions brings the composition of the board to 64% women, 36% men. Several of the existing and newly elected women are mothers to young children or youth living in the city and help bring the perspective of keeping families in the city and supporting built form that fosters community and healthy settings for raising children in an urban environment.

The GPV Board of Directors will appoint Directors to the Executive positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Coordinator at its next Board of Directors meeting.

Party members also adopted a Code of Conduct at the AGM for the first time, following up on a motion to do so that had been carried at the 2015 AGM. The Code of Conduct is a public document that outlines the kind of conduct that the public should expect from members, representatives and elected officials from the Green Party of Vancouver.

Says Membership Coordinator Jordan Bober, who led the committee to draft the Code of Conduct: “Having steadily increased our electoral success over the past several elections, there is no better time to adopt a Code of Conduct. As is stated in its introduction, “our aim here in Vancouver is nothing less than to change the political culture for the better.” As the first civic party in Vancouver to adopt a public Code of Conduct that applies not just to candidates, but to all members from the rank-and-file to our publicly elected officials, we sincerely hope that other parties will be inspired to do likewise - and we don’t mind one bit if they borrow from ours.”





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