Adriane Carr wants Vancouver declared GMO-free zone

gmo_free.jpgRemember those signs proclaiming that Vancouver was a "nuclear weapons free zone"?

If Green councillor Adriane Carr has her way, perhaps city hall will consider putting up "Welcome to Vancouver: a GMO free zone" signs. Carr has put a motion on council's Tuesday (May 27) meeting agenda calling for the city to declare itself a genetically-engineered free zone.


Her motion would see the "planting and growing of genetically modified crops, trees, and plants be banned in the City of Vancouver". It would also ask city staff to "investigate the opportunities to ban the sale of GMO crops, meat, fish, poultry and seeds" in the city.

As well, Carr wants the city to ask the federal and provincial governments to introduce mandatory labelling for genetically modified organisms, and to "impose a moratorium on bringing further GMOs to market for sale until a regime of independent and transparent scientific assessment and GMO management is introduced".

"In the absence of provincial legislation, many BC municipalities have declared themselves as GE-Free zones including North Vancouver, Richmond, Saanich, Nelson and Powell River," the motion's preamble states.

On Saturday (May 24), a March Against Monsanto will begin at 10 a.m. outside the Vancouver Art Gallery.


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commented 2014-05-28 10:43:39 -0700 · Flag
I’m a green supporter, and I’m also not convinced that enough has been done to understand the potential long-term implications of GMOs on the environment at large. I also dislike the way the growing of GMO crops is marketed and enforced by the corporations behind them. However, I am interested in the potential role that a well-funded, well-studied, public GMO program could play in addressing issues of food supply.

Unfortunately this press release, and the move to make Vancouver GMO-free, plays into the hands of the scientific community who have come out largely in favour of GMOs, at least in terms of their effects on those who consume them. That community could be a significant ally for the Green movement on other well-established scientific issues such as human-induced climate change and the various steps required to address it.

At the very least, this campaign should focus on educating and explaining the reasons for concern about GMOs. This article really makes it seemlike a knee-jerk, fear and superstition-driven reaction.