Financial Disclosures

The Green Party of Vancouver is committed to leading by example when it comes to local campaign finance reform. In a city where big money has come to dominate politics not only during but between elections, we believe that every local political party should be upfront about the financial contributions it receives.

The Green Party of Vancouver has adopted the most stringent policy on Donations and Election Spending in Vancouver. We are the only party elected in Vancouver that does not accept donations from the property development industry.

We are also addressing the problem of  "dark money" (donations made to civic parties in non-election years) by making voluntary financial disclosures on an annual basis. Currently, financial disclosures from civic elector organizations are only required during election years, but we believe that the public has the right to know what kind of money is going into local political party coffers between elections as well - just as is required of provincial and federal political parties.

Here are the links to our most recent financial disclosures:

2015 - Voluntary Disclosure of Contributions

2014 - Campaign Financing Disclosure Statement filed with Elections BC