Councillor Carr Comments on the Viaducts decision made by Council Nov 4, 2015

On all issues, including the the Viaducts, I vote my own conscience, listening carefully to the citizens who write or speak to Council and weighing whether a project is in the best interests of the public. I often move amendments based on ideas and concerns raised by citizens. 

On November 4, I attempted to improve the Viaducts decision by moving 8 amendments to the motion. 

Three of my amendments passed: my amendment to immediately approve downgrading of Prior Street to a local neighbourhood-serving street and complete a new replacement arterial as soon as possible while continuing to pursue near-term improvements along Prior to address community concerns about traffic-related safety; my amendment to have the city consult with Vancouver's black community to address the need for social and cultural facilities and restorative justice issues (arising from the displacement of the black community from Hogan's Alley when the viaducts were built); and my amendment for staff to assess and monitor the impacts of the viaducts' removal and NE False Creek developent on low income residents and develop a plan to protect and provide low income housing. These amendments received unanimous support. 
Five of my amendments--all of which were key as to whether I'd support the main motion--failed, with only me voting for them: to work on a new expanded public engagement process; to place conditions on a new east-west arterial that would mean no or negligible ipacts on Cottonwood Garden, Strathcona Garden and the food wholesalers on Malkin Street's "Produce Row"; to try to nail down a date--no later than 2024--to deliver the long-awaited Creekside Park Extention; to get staff to encourage Concord Pacific to develop its lands with the most contaminated soils first so as to facilitate the delivery of Creekside Park Extention; to stop Community Amenity Contributions arising from any future rezoning applications in the Northeast False Creek area from being used to fund the Viaducts removal project; and to require contributions to the cost of removing the Viaducts by the large landowners in Northeast False Creek area based on the increased property values they will profit from when the Viaducts are removed. 

Take note that the NPA and Vision Councillors voted unanimously together against my efforts to hold developers more accountable.
In the end, I voted against the main motion to remove the Viaducts because I concluded that developers' interests trumped the public's interests. 
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