Councillor Carr Comments on the Bicycle Registration Motion heard at Council Nov 4, 2015

I think a lot of people didn't know that Councillors Affleck and Ball were absent at the Council meeting this week when Councillor De Genova introduced her motion on investigating a bike licensing program. For the sake of democracy and debate, I seconded it. The NPA Councillors have consistently done the same for me throughout the last four years. If I hadn't seconded it, the public would not have had an opportunity to speak to the issue. I, for one, was extremely appreciate of the informative presentation made to Council by Erin O'Mellinn of HUB.

In the end, Councillor De Genova's motion was replaced by a "strike and replace" motion by Councillor Deal, which I amended to include supporting more public education (especially for school children) on bicycle safety. Councillor Deal's replacement motion was unanimously supported.

In case you are curious, I would not have voted for Councillor De Genova's original motion. The Vancouver Police Department has already put a voluntary bicycle registration program in place and I believe safety issues and reducing dangerous behaviour (on the part of cyclists, pedestrians and motorists) can be addressed by increasing the cycling education programs in our schools, and by policing efforts. 

I hope that people concerned about safety on our streets will provide input into the VPD's new 5-year strategic plan. Chief Adam Palmer was on CBC's Early Edition this morning asking for public input.

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