Councillor Carr gives notice of motion to deal with vacant and derelict homes

Adriane_Carr_FairChild_TV.jpgAt today's Vancouver City Council meeting, Green Party of Vanocuver Councillor Adriane Carr will give notice of a motion to deal with unoccupied and deteriorating prooperties slated for redevelopment in Vancouver. This issue has been brought to public attention by citizens upset with the vacant homes and overgrown lawns that line sections of the Cambie Corridor.

The full text of Councillor Carr's motion follows:


Dealing with Unoccupied and Deteriorating Properties Slated for Redevelopment


1. Along the Cambie Corridor some homes purchased for redevelopment
have been left vacant and untended for extended periods of time,
attracting squatters, vandalism and theft, that affect local
residents’ safety, security and quality of life;

2. Redevelopment of different blocks and clusters of homes along the
Cambie Corridor occurs at different times which means that the
Corridor as a whole could experience deteriorating, unkempt and unsafe
conditions for many years;

3. The problem of unoccupied and deteriorating properties exists
along the Cambie Corridor as well as other parts of the City of
Vancouver despite the City’s “Untidy Premises By-law” that states:
“Every owner or occupier of real property shall maintain the said
property in a neat and tidy condition in keeping with a reasonable
standard of maintenance prevailing in the neighbourhood.”


THAT staff report back to Council before the end of July, 2015 on:

A. an estimation of the city-wide extent of the problem of
unoccupied and deteriorating properties that are being held for

B. an action plan to address the safety, security and other problems
associated with unoccupied, untidy and deteriorating properties slated
for redevelopment in the Cambie Corridor, including actions by our
police and fire services, enforcement of the Untidy Premises Bylaw and
other relevant bylaws;

C. whether the City can require that developers holding vacant
properties for redevelopment for lengthy periods of time either ensure
occupancy or provide security services for their properties.


See Councillor Carr discussing this issue on FairChild TV here:




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