Our 2011 Platform

 Note: Our 2014 Platform is under development and will be released soon! Please see below for our 2011 platform.

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Vancouver City Council

To Create a Better Vancouver
, Adriane Carr champions:

    • Return to livability instead of regional growth as our core planning goal.
    • Lobby for more senior government funding for non-market social and co-op housing as well as re-instated tax incentives that entice investors to build and maintain rental housing.
    • Ensure city housing programs deliver real affordability, utilize the potential within existing zoning and city-owned lands, and expand the variety of housing so that people can live their whole lives in the neighbourhoods they love.
    • Develop complete, walkable communities that reduce car use and increase quality of life.
    • Focus new development near existing stores, recreation and transit.
    • Avoid social conflict by respecting existing zoning bylaws and neighbourhood character.
    • Prioritize funding to improve the services that enhance everyone’s health, safety and quality of life, including libraries, parks and recreation and community centres, as well as essential fire protection services.
    • Lobby for more public transit.
    • Fund active transportation including completing Vancouver’s bike network and improved pedestrian routes.
    • Focus on more efficient sharing of roads, including some bus lanes to reduce roadway conflicts and congestion.
    • Support our current economy by helping attract talented workers and investors with more affordable housing, a healthy environment, better parks and community services, and a more fair tax system.
    • Support a “Shop Local” campaign and help stimulate our core tourism economy with initiatives like Seattle’s Gallery District “First Thursday Art Walk”.
    • Move towards zero waste by focusing immediately on solutions to food scrap recycling for apartments and better implementation of bylaws designed to keep recyclables out of landfills.
    • Aggressively pursue funds from senior governments for emergency preparedness and infrastructure upgrades.
    • Restore a fairer balance of taxation between business and residential taxes.
    • Pursue all possible funding sources from senior governments to return a fairer share of overall tax dollars to fund essential City services.
    • Investigate new revenue sources such as a vacant/derelict property surtax.
    • Implement proven-to-work practices, like Europe’s solar passive building codes and Toronto’s “green roof” requirements.
    • Actively pursue a phase out of crude oil tanker traffic in our port to ensure we meet our goal of eliminating dependence on fossil fuels.
    • Move forward from “solar ready” to “solar required” in new buildings.

See www.bettervancouver.ca for more details.

Vancouver Park Board

To Create Better Parks and Recreation, the Green Party of Vancouver will champion:

  1. Parks as Parks
    • End commercialization of public spaces. Preserve the unique natures of Stanley, Queen Elizabeth and Hastings Parks.
  2. Sharing Spaces
    • Athletics and general users must share space.
    • Dog owners and others must be respectful of the rules.
    • School Board and Park Board must work together to enhance public spaces and access
  3. Accountability
    • Public input is important and decisions of the PB must be transparent
    • Re-investment. Infrastructure must be renewed on an on going basis. Money must be put aside each budget for renewal
  4. Access
    • Public facilities must be accessible to all, regardless of income, mobility, or age.

The Green Party of Vancouver will:

  • Work with all elected officials to move green initiatives forward
  • Work with City Council to increase access and funding for public spaces
  • Work with other levels of civic and regional governments to ensure best value for tax payers
  • Work with community groups to ensure public input is maximized
  • Work for stable long term funding for parks maintenance

People and Nature in balance — a vision for all.

INFRASTRUCTURE: renewing the past to secure our future

  • Invest in neighbourhood facilities; accelerate the replacement of aging community centres
  • Renew Kerrisdale Arena and pool; re-build an outdoor pool in Mt. Pleasant
  • Continue to work with other levels of government on a seniors centre in the southeast sector
  • Careful management and overseeing of new facilities to ensure that they are built to last
  • Strengthening local decision making and management of facilities and parks to build strong neighbourhoods
  • Expand the network of safe, clean, public washrooms throughout the city

PUBLIC SPACES: where our communities meet to play and relax

  • All facilities, whether indoor or outdoor, must be accessible to all Vancouverites. Investing now means savings later
  • Hastings Park as a park. Increase greens space through out the area
  • Continue the development of a ‘master plan’ for John Hendry/Trout Lake park
  • Encourage more Arts and Cultural events in our public spaces, especially in local neighbourhood facilities, to foster community spirit

See www.betterparks.ca for more details.

Vancouver School Board

To Create Better Schools, the Green Party of Vancouver will champion:

  1. Offering before and after school child care in more Vancouver schools.
  2. Lobbying hard to re-instate full funding for special needs education programs and support as well as funding for early testing, increasing the number of school psychologists and speech and language pathologists to allow faster and more frequent testing of students with special needs, early intervention for autistic children, dedicated funding for gifted students and ESL support that recognizes the need for home to school links.
  3. Lobbying to fast track seismic upgrades, simultaneous with energy upgrades so schools can meet their provincial carbon reduction targets.
  4. Actively pursuing expansion of the school garden program, including food scrap composting facilities. Support teachers who want to integrate educational programs that introduce food growing and food preparation and storage into schools. Support healthy food programs in school cafeterias that use locally produced, organic and non-genetically engineered food.
  5. Expand access to viable alternative transportation options for staff and students, especially walking and bicycling to school, and explore ways to introduce bicycling safety programs into our schools.
  6. Undertake a study, together with other school boards in the Lower Mainland, to get a better understanding of why students are leaving the public school system for private schools and use the results of this review to inform an action plan.
  7. Continue to support a return to local bargaining on classroom conditions as the best way to ensure collective agreements with employees respect the needs of our district. In the interim, support the ongoing creation of district level policy on classroom conditions through the respectful negotiation with education partners.
  8. Pass and implement a Toxic Free Schools initiative that requires publicly available toxic audits of all schools including reporting on paint and construction materials.

See www.bettervancouverschools.ca for more details.


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